Money, Money, Money (Snippet) Testo

Testo Money, Money, Money (Snippet)

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
She said she wants some christians
She get out of work at five
So I took her ass to church
And got her baptize
Yeah you are christian now
You are christian down
So pick up that bottle and [?]

Girl ypou pick up the [?]
Walk to the register
I am about to take your ass to coach
And we are gonna have [?]
Whatever we got to be
[?] I am gonna fly first class
And you are gonna be [?]
Put a little patrol bottles [?]
Get a whole of [?] now you are a hell [?]
Tell them how [?] sucking on my [?]
Talking about get you a ring bitch
I put you on [?] smartphone
Burberry [?] all these hoes want
Money money money
Money money money
Money money money
Money money money
Money money money
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