Violin Testo

Testo Violin

Red Aston Martin Vanquish
V12 sick
Red cranberry juice in my vodka
Game so violent, give me a backwood, roll a violet
Blow the smoke out and scream violence
Only thing slowin n-gga down is the violin
Yeah The violin, yeah the violin

Game so violent, pass me a dutch, roll the violet
Blow the smoke out and scream violence
Only thing slowin n-gga down is the violin
Yeah The violin, yeah the violin

[The Game - Verse 1]
I do beats so fuck ?
N-ggas see me in vegas
Blowin' ?, gettin' head in the Venetian
Vehicular manslaughter when I'm behind the 'Vette
Voluptious 22s and you aint seen these yet
Zero to sixty, vomit
This chick ridin with me from Venice
And she out of this world, like a comic?
Play with balls like Venus
Head game the meanest
And she used to model for Victoria's secret
So I'm victorious
Word to Notorious
Screamin' out victory, never became a victim see
I'm the vampire, sink this teeth into your bitch neck
Give her VVS stones and keep her fuckin wrist wet
Jimmy Iovine give me big check
Coz I valeted the Valentines Day Massacre
Put it on his desk
ThenIi vanished, in a red Vanquish
And left interscope bangin Dipset


[The Game - Verse 2]
Who's the first victim with their blood spilled on the horizon
Come through with more niggas more behind me than Verizon
I'm that villain like Ren was
You see what my pen does
Start a f-cking riot with my pen cause
I'm that n-gga turn your man into a vegetable
Stripes validated like Clue I'm a professional
Spit on video vixins, still f-ck Vida Guerra
Another word and Im cummin' on your mascara
Let your mouth be the venue for this vendetta
Valet parked this beretta, in your v neck sweater
You know who I'm talkin to
I could vent but thats for mine, I spit venom
Coz half of these rap n-ggas is vagina
Speakin of vagina, Vidal Sassoon
Your bitch, my room, her head vacuum
And this aint no verbal assault
We outline enemies in any vicinity


[The Game - Verse 3]
I heard Jay got the vapours
Dont respond, I rape em
Give em one bar John ?, Venezuelan, yeah
Flow sick, top models be the vaccine
Drop top Phantom, bangin' no vaseline
N-ggas ill, come and burn down they village
Getaway car, Dodge Viper, missin' the ceilin'
See I'm 'bout millions - love f-ckin' virgos
In a village somewhere, sippin' on Merlot
Game so vicious, yeah n-gga, they know
Broad day, broadway, blow like volcanoes
Eat like Sopranos gold bars and ?
Word to Funkmaster Flex, theres a vacancy in New York
So I volunteered to be the new king
New car, new ring
Show you how the westside do things
The southside do things
Bring out the choppas
Wear a vest, coz these shots aint no vodka

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