Sippin & Spinnin Testo

Testo Sippin & Spinnin

With my Sprewell Spinnin
Sippin sippin syruup sippin'

Wussup with the Gangsta Boo?

New Boo!
Brand New!
New Boo!

[Hook x2]

[Verse 1]
The hood, the block
The killas, the thieves
My home, my zone
My liquor, my weed
The gangsta, the lady
The same, The Boo
I changed the game
New label, new crew
You critics be hatin'
You haters be talkin'
You talkers be walkin'
You groupies be stalkin'
The heavens, the earth
The devils, the dirt
The end is herre
Prepare for worse!
The crying, the lying
The cheating, the beating
The churches, the preachers
Who pimpin' with preaching
The niggaz that like me
The niggaz that love me
The lady that's out now
You bitches can't touch me
The U, the G, the Q, the South
The under, the ground, the queen, is out!
The talkin, the reppin
The questions, the asking
The powder, the sizzurp
The trappers who pack em!

[Hook x8]

I- I- I'ma bring tha gutter back!

[Verse 2]
Listen to me carefully as I spit the secret pimpin' hoe
People say I'm gospel, she quit rappin, I don't know what fo'
I can't leave the game
The game be me, because I'm underground
I can't help my ?? on every nigga
Because I'm the best female rapper around
I done sold some records
I done did what I done
Magazines and TV screens
Ballin like all up in one
I write my own shit
I'm what you call the truth
Nah nigga I ain't braggin' I am what you call the truth with my-

[Hook x8]

[Verse 3]
I'm riding on them thangs
I'm feelin' like a mac
My cell phone ringing
I never answer dat
They call me all the time
They wanna blow my mind
The mind is a terrible thing to waste so quit trying!
You know I ain't going
So why you tryna stick me?
You ain't got nothing for me
You must be??
Cause if you ain't equal
Or above what I'm doing
You ain't gon' be-zzy dizzz-own
Or witness what I'm doing
I'm always riding solo
I don't got buddies with me
Cause buddies turn to enemies
And mama's end up crying
Yo if you think I'm lying
Just take a trip to Memphis
They'll tell you all about me
And won't forget to mention-

[Hook x12]

I-I-Ima bring the gutta back!
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