Bleed Testo

Testo Bleed

Morgan confessa: "Ecco perché ho lasciato X Factor"
Someone is talking But it's not conversation, Sounds more like a voice in my head. It says 'I live in nightmares I'm the new god of panic And I'm waiting for you to come home to me. 'So boy, welcome to sleep I'm gonna make you, make you, make you bleed.' I could be dreaming But then maybe that's fatal. There's nowhere to hide in your dreams. I'm so uneasy I'm shaking and nervous. I'm alone in my room and I'm scared of it. So, don't let me sleep It's gonna make me, make me, make me bleed. My mother told me 'Don't believe in ghost stories. There's nothing to hurt you in here.' But she was wrong And now it's come back to haunt me. It says it won't leave me alive for long. I don't want to sleep. It's gonna make me, make me, make me bleed.