Bombers Testo

Testo Bombers

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Look up I hear the scream of sirens on the wall I see a policeman crying in the backseat of a dying Ford Hotel waiters leave the bedrooms of stars Who are far too old And no-one ever told me That I could be so cold Bombers fight at zero feet Bombers fight at zero I see an old man knocked to the ground And beaten by the vicar's wife No-one stops to help they're far too busy Trying to save their own lives A tiny girl screams for mother And wanders out into the street I saw her going down underneath A thousand people's running feet Bombers fight at zero feet Bombers fight at zero All the junkies pulling needles from their arms Hope it lasts all night And all the soldiers curse the day they joined the army And prepare to fight In silent bars, in silent rooms, in silent cars You hide where you can And me I know just where you are, you see I'm a bomber man Bombers fight at zero feet Bombers fight at zero

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