From Russia Infected Testo

Testo From Russia Infected

Seen the man?New diseaseEverybody's infected.Seen the man?He'll storm your heartEverybody believes.Seen the man?Sly new gameKiss another cute baby.Seen the man?No war machineSo everybody wants peace?Everybody's infectedEverybody believes.I've been looking for somethingBut it just gets harderI could look for everWhat am I going to do.Storm the heartBoy threw upEverybody's disgusted.Storm the heartGirl went downEverybody looked shocked.Storm the heartNew young thingEverybody's obsession.Storm the heart'Levi' jeansThink it's cool to kill.Everybody's infectedEverybody believes.One more reasonOne more lie.Dreams are cruelThis is lifeIt replaced religion.Change your mindMake it mineEverybody looks sad.Dirty filmTen years oldThis is Russia infected.Party timeTime runs outEverybody go home.Everybody's infectedEverybody believes.

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