God Only Knows Testo

Testo God Only Knows

I was waiting for something I was listening to my breathing Like a man listening to life I was looking for fire It could take me or leav eme It could all just burn away The oxygen law It remains me I'd been surrounded for hours By the sound of thinking metal And I knew something was wrong I can tell you what fear is It is the smell of burning And I'd been close once before I waited a long time How I survived God only knows It seemed like forever How I survived God only knows I don't like the memory How I survived God only knows How I survived God only knows I remember the feeling I'll remember forever How it all just came apart I don't believe in praying I don't believe in a God Now I question everything The dreamer is gone I'm an old man I could tell you of horror I could show you the pieces But I just want to forget I'm not sure if I saw it I'm not sure if I heard it I just screamed 'I can't get out' 'I can't get out'

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