Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry) Testo

Testo Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry)

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Treated like a refugeeNever seems to be a place for meIn my mind there is a scene I seeMy house is burningNo-one returningTo a land once free.Dreaming like a deporteeCast away upon the open seaNo hand of friendship for the likes of me.I feel the thunderI'm going underAnd I can't get free.If there is a heavenI don't want to hang around this hell.I could be an angelLet God (slip? )out of heaven back to hell.And I sayI wont cry, no more tearsI wont cry, no more tearsCarry me away from hereCut the crying and the see-through tearMake emotion dissappearMy life is changingI'm re-arrangingEverything I feel.