Machine And Soul Testo

Testo Machine And Soul

She likes film Pictures too A friend of mine Something new She likes girls Lives my dreams Eats my face She says 'Time to make me scream' No crying She don't like tears My one chance Is corruption (So get up So get up and dance) She likes pain 'E please Bob' Some heroes But she don't like God She likes rock MTV Sex machines She says 'Time to make me bleed' No romance No surprise My one chance Is perversion So this is My secret So this is A new way to hide So this is My nightmare And you're my Solution No memories Nostalgia My one chance Is slow motion So this is The big lie So this is My reason to leave So this is My future And you're my Corruption She likes speed Low fast cars Love and hate Rock and roll stars She likes cream Long goodbyes Someone to watch And she says 'Time to make me cry' I'm nervous She scares me My one chance Is emotion So this is Religion So this is Something to believe So this is God's disease So this is A new kind of cure So this is A new world And you're my Machine and soul

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