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Incidente in Thailandia, gravissima la cantante di Disney Channel
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I don't wanna hear you talkAnd I don't wanna go for walksBut I just wanna lay you flatWell you think you're so good at thatI've got no time for your sad eyesI don't care if you say good-byeI don't really think that I wantAnything to do with yourOut of sightOut of mindThe radio continues 'round meBlending faces glaring at meHow was I to telephoneCrawl away to end it allSpiral staircase leads to nowhereI an take you somewhere (who cares)Dee-Dee's crazy as a modelI'd break your heart if I'd got timeOut of sightOut of mindI hate you all I hate you allYou're breaking down my message wallOut of sightOut of mind

Scarica la suoneria di Out Of Sight!
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