Poison Testo

Testo Poison

Help meI'm in disgraceWitness slow deathAll over my faceHelp mePick up my heartTell my friendsWherever they areListenThey stole my dreamNew corruptionKnow what I mean?ListenDo you think I don't know?I've got a face like metalAnd a radioListen upListen up goodNew man's fameIs new man's poisonStand upStand up and fightStand up I won't quit soStand up and playStand upStand up and screamStand up I won't run soStand up and loseListen upListen up goodInnocenceIs new corruptionMemories?I don't needA dead museumAnd a grudge to feedMemoriesRewrite shameRearrange the feelingsTo ease your painBig lieSo this is the wordA needle in the backAnd my voice unheardBig lieSo this is the newsRadio lostAnd I've nothing to loseNu voiceSaid this is insaneI'm trying to learn the rhythmOf the rule change gameNu voiceI'm a clock with no handsSomeone said forgive themI don't know if I canTell meWhat did I do?You'd think I'd sold perversionTo the son of God (Who?)Tell meWhat did I say?I don't believe that honestyPaysListen upListen up goodNew man's fameIs new man's poisonListen upListen up goodInnocenceIs new corruption

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