Remind Me To Smile Testo

Testo Remind Me To Smile

We'll take a taxi to the showWe could report by phoneWe could remind ourselves thatWe must laughReconsider: 'fame'I need new reasonsThis is detention it's not fun at allRemind me to smileYou know, 'the old friends' lineIt gets so I feel likeI'm in this cold, glass, cageI've got the horrorsCheck, over my shoulderI punch the air and fight butNo-one's thereYou you - Oh noOld scars - don't showWe fall - you seeCrawl crawl - in loveI dive - so cleanYoung things - don't screamToys toys - so farBoys boys - you are(Chorus)Get off the carGet off the phoneMove from my window, leave me aloneKeep your revivalsKeep your conventionsKeep all your fantasies that's all we are

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