Shame Testo

Testo Shame

I've done things God should've questionedBut I don't care.I've seen things that made my flesh crawlBut I was young.I've said things that you believed inBut I don't mean.I heard things, one more confession thatLeaves me cold. My picture ashames you My picture My picture ashames me My pictureThis ain't love, this ain't affectionBut you don't care.This ain't need, I'm not the fashionSo leave my heart.So good God were you mistaken Now will I burn?No more lies no more distractionSo pay you back. Religion ashames you Religion Religion ashames me ReligionI'm lying shame on me(secrets forever)This disease shame on me(secrets forever)My memories shame on me(secrets forever)Abandon,abandon me(secrets forever) This fashion ashames you This fashion This passion ashames me This passionI'll never ashame youI'll never ashamed me.A stranger, shame on me(secrets forever)Nostalgia, shame on me(secrets forever)Religion, shame on me(secrets forever)Abandon, abandon me.I've done things God should've questionedBut I don't care.

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