Sleep By Windows Testo

Testo Sleep By Windows

The Voice, J-Ax lascia il programma: "Lancia talenti che non venderanno mai"
You can cry by my windowYou can crawl on the floorYou can scream if you want toBut I won't unlock the doorYou can sleep in bus sheltersYou can sleep in the parkBut I'll rip up the treesUntil you tear yourself apartBut I don't love youNo I don't love youDo you dream?Back to surveillanceOpen eyes and wash out 'tear'A sign that says 'no exit'And 'no-one can save you here'I could talk about my programmeWhere everything is whiteI could specialise in picturesWhere nothing's ever rightBut I don't love youNo I don't love youDo you dream?We are just soundWe are just noiseAnd we are all here to lieDo you dream?You sleep by windowsYou sleep by windowsDo you cry?Do you dream?Do you?Did you?