Telekon Testo

Testo Telekon

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Where is my outline I start to fadeNo concentration means 'fail' these daysI leave the table saying 'I am real'I feel the pressure like your eyes on meDon't mention that name and books on loveI can't be sure, I can't be sureYou end on reel oneYou end on reel oneYou quote from 'anxious' and things we doI need protection from the likes of youDo you begin to see that I don't knowI live on memories that are hard to findSend me a card and write 'I think of you'I'll say you lied, I'll say you're lyingYou are, you areTell me a secret I'm sure to fallMy dog runs A.W.O.L. I blame you allWe're in formation saying 'safe, safe, safe'Turn up my collar and mix with darkThe speaker turns on me spot her eyesIt's hard to breathe, it's hard to breatheYou end on reel oneYou end on reel oneYou are, you are

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