That's Too Bad Testo

Testo That's Too Bad

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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I look up and the camera eye isSearching my roomThe TV screen is calling meBut for what or whomPlease mister do be carefulI'm so fragileMaybe they'll let me downTo Speedy's place for a whileOh well that's too badOh well that's too badOh well that's too badOh well that's too badI talk a lot, a sign of fearI thought you should knowI can see pictures of me wellThey're so-soI'll come on to the leaderLike I'm some heroHe'll laugh and raise his dying eyesAnd just tell me to go1920 Flashbacks for an hour or moreOf crazy actors hidingIn the doorways top floorMachines scream in angerFrom a thousand dead endsI turn my face, I crawl away,I look for a friend

  • Guarda il video di "That's Too Bad"
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