The Image Is Testo

Testo The Image Is

I intrude on patienceI intrude on young heartsI intrude on all such thingsThat can take you by surpriseTime and time againSo?I've no welcome for youI've no welcome for talkI've no welcome in my houseI've tried too long you knowTime and time againOh look there's a man insideThe head's not the museum it's supposed to beWe sleep with machines that breatheAnd some even have names the executive dreamWe're all so sincereI'll sing a song from the film that broke your heartOh look at the smile that cracksTomorrow we'll be civilized And buy the whole world clothesWe don't believe in youWe're specialized mechanics in repairing the bitchYou bounce around my headYou say it's a little but I'm sure it's OK

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