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Testo The Machman

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I saw him turn onLike a machine in the parkSaying `please come with me'But you've been there beforeI saw him whirr awayInto the nightLike a nightmare on wheelsSaying `never again'I'd give it all up for youI'd even be a number just for youThe strangest living boyYou could ever wish to see`That's me'Yellowed newspapersTell the story of someone`Do you know this man?'Tomorrow the cureOnly police everSee night time for realTurn on the lightAnd cry `no more, no more'I was standing outside your doorWaiting for the grey men to goWhen my mind turned on meWith a vengeance I had never knownMy ownEveryone heardThe voice on the radioSaying `why move aroundAnd waste my time'There are noIndependents anymoreThe tape is a circleBut who really caresI saw you behind the wallI even heard you laugh at meYou disgust me tonightWith your answer to something newThat's you

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