The Seed Of A Lie Testo

Testo The Seed Of A Lie

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
I'm a ghost in the dark and I'm yours.I belong in the past and I'm yours.Like a song you forget, and I'm yours.Like a dream in the night, and I'm yours.The wrong place?The wrong time?I don't know.The wrong face?Yours or mine?I don't know.Like a tear when you sleep, I'll be yours.Like a scar that won't fade, I'll be yours.Like a pain in the cold, I'll be yours.Like a fear in the heart, I'll be yours.The wrong word when you cryI will beLike the seed of a lieI will beLike the germ of diseaseI will beLike the last one who caredI will beLike your shadowI will haunt youDo you remember?I said to you'Love is a mountainBut harder to climb.It should be foreverBut love is unkindTo me.Don't let me down.'And you let me down.