This Is Emotion Testo

Testo This Is Emotion

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
This isThis is emotion callingInsideYou don't know meOne gameA miracle of inventionYou loseThese rules are mineDirty picturesYou're in the moviesMove inMove outI'm in slow motionOne loveOne tearOne nightOf fearOne gameYou loseThis isEmotionLook leftThere's nothing over there but vengeanceLook rightThere's nothing over there but greedLook upThere's nothing up there but rumoursLook downThere's nothing down there but meOne loveI don't want to talk about itOne loveOne painI don't want to talk about itOne painOne moreAnother night to rememberOne moreAnother name to forgetOne moreAnother young heart to play withOne moreAnother young heart to breakWe've got to get outWe must get out of hereWe've got to get outWe've got to get awayI'm listening to storiesOf love and affectionThat I don't believeI'm listening to liarsWith pretty young facesAnd eyes that deceive