Tread Careful Testo

Testo Tread Careful

Justin Bieber: esce il 28 agosto il nuovo singolo "What Do You Mean?"
Tread carefulBecause you're treading on my dreams.Tread carefulBecause I've just one heartTread carefulLet me down slowlyOr I'll forget how to dream.Chorus: I won't forget anything (I love you) I won't forgive anyone (Do you love me?) Tread carefulYou hear the sound of my breathingTread carefulBecause I feel this soundTread carefulI'm falling in a glasshouseI'm trying hard to beginBecause I want it to get harderTread carefulBefore I change my mindTread carefulI could surprise youI know something you want to do.(repeat chorus)Tread carefulI'm sure you don't care butTread carefulI could change your mindTread carefulI've been waiting for youThere is no comfort in here.(repeat chorus)