Tricks Testo

Testo Tricks

I've seen the 'action'All kinds of peopleSeen things disgustingI've seen it allI've heard excusesAll kinds of storiesI've heard confessionsI've heard it allThey wrote bad poemsPainted bad picturesThey say we used themI'm not sureSome call it love andSome call it affectionI don't believe itIt's all clean young fleshAnd we all fall downWe all fall downYou say you want itDress to kill and kill meWe could play new gamesAnd you could loseDon't tell your motherOr some jealous husbandDon't talk of love justSend me a postcardWe need to feel itWe need to feel itI've lost all patienceYou'll lose all prideI've no conversationI've no good intentionsI've room for one moreI've room for youThey say we're 'corrupted'They say we're 'disturbing'I don't knowIt must be trueThey say we're 'reckless'They say we're 'vicious'It's just a rumourWe don't leave scarsShe likes the movementShe likes the motionShe likes to whisperBut then she likes to screamShe likes the dancingShe likes the make upShe likes to forget'bout everything

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