You Walk In My Soul Testo

Testo You Walk In My Soul

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
When my eyes first saw youA visionMy heart missed a beatAnd I criedI knew then I loved youAnd I doNow you are my reason for livingAnd nowYou walk in my soulYou dance in my heartYou draw breath for meI'll stand by your sideI'll kneel at your feetShare my life with meI've waited yearsI've waited all my life for youYou are my worldAll of my dreams and I need youI'll love you foreverAnd a dayI'll love you till God comes and takes me awayYou sing to my soulYou play with my heartYou breathe life for meI'll always be yoursAnd I'd die for youShare my life with meI can't believeHow much you mean to me, and soPick up a pieceA piece of my heartAnd stay with me

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