Be My Fucking Whore Testo

Testo Be My Fucking Whore

On your knees cunt
I kick you in the face
Do what I fucking say
Or I'm gonna slash your face
You worthless two-faced cunt
With your nose in the air
I'll break your fucking nose
And shit all over you

Sit on my face bitch, til I get off
Be my fucking whore
When I'm done I'll piss in your mouth
Be my fucking whore

Sit on my face cunt, til I get off
When I'm done I'll light a cigarette
and piss in your mouth
And I'll kick you, you fucker
You're just a piece of worthless shit
You're nothing to me
Just get down and suck it

Suck it, suck it
Be my fucking whore
Get, get down and
Be my fucking whore
Be my fucking whore
Be my fucking whore

Be my fucking whore
Be my fucking whore!
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