A Careful Blend Of Orange And Red Testo

Testo A Careful Blend Of Orange And Red

I've never fallen so hard
come to think of it ive never really fallen at all
so whisper in my ear, tell me my dear
whats your fantasy?

snakes and serpents crawling all over
send them away
tonight, but don't worry this dagger is put
to good use, to good use
ill leave them on the streets to rot in vanity

Leave this place with me just for a while
the ocean waves will wash us clean
of all of the impurities of this wretched world
of this wretched world, of this wretched wretched world

and as angels grace your voice
whisper in my ear
tell me my dear
whats your fantasy

mine is in this moment
so dont you move a muscle
you've been poisoned
and the antidote is in this kiss
so close your eyes
take it down don't turn back
cause its the best medicine
you'll ever have
and thats my promise to you
and thats my promise its the best medicine...
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