Time Flies Testo

Testo Time Flies

I'm lucky to be where I am today. Not by myself, summer's on the way.
The jobs I'll be working, the money I'll spend,
not making a living, just making new friends.
And I'm trying my hardest to make the most out of every minute.
Not getting any younger, getting older. It's scary.

Swept out from under your feet your youth's gone and you wonder why...

How much does it cost the booze and drugs you need.
Put your life on pause. Is it that much fun, maybe for some.
I think it's dumb to let anyone or anything slow me down
or prevent me from living my life.
Make the most of every minute.
Not getting younger getting older.
It's scary, and I'm scared too. TIME FLIES

Work machine makes us old before our time. I don't consent that's how I feel.
Because life's too short, so I scrape what I can to get by.
I'll decide where my time is spent and you can bet there'll be a smile on my face.
How about yours? How about yours? TIME FLIES BY
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