Ballad Of Casey Jones Testo

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Testo Ballad Of Casey Jones

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Casey Jones was an old engineer,
Call for his family tonight, they will fear,
All I need is my water and coal,
Look out the windows, see my drag wheel roll.
One sunday morning in a driving rain,
Around the curve came a passenger train,
In the cabin stood Casey Jones,
Bold engineer but he's dead and gone.
Mrs. Casey when she heard the news
Sitting at her bedside she was lacing up her shoes
Children, children now catch your breath,
You will draw a pension if your Papa's dead.
Children, children now can you hear,
Tell me Mama what do you mean by that?
Get your hat, put it on your head,
Go to town, see your Daddy's dead,
Casey said just before he died,
Fix the blinds so that the bums can ride,
If they ride, let them ride rock,
Put their trust in the hands of God.
Casey said just before he died,
Two more roads that I want to ride.
People said, what roads, Casey, can they be?
Gold Colorado and the Santa Fe.
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