Believe It Or Not Testo

Testo Believe It Or Not

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
One or two moments
a piece of your time
is all I am asking
and I'll give you mine
One or two moments
out of all you have got
to show how I love you
believe it or not
Remember the day
I rolled into town
with my heart in my shoes,
my head hanging down?
Now my only trouble
the rest I forgot
is to show how I love you
believe it or not
Done time in the lockup
Done time in the street
Done time on the upswing
and time in defeat
I know what I'm asking
and I know it's a lot
when I say that I love you
believe it or not
I know I'm no angel
my prospects are high
as the flood line in summer
when the river's gone dry
but I'll roll up my shirt-sleeves
and make my best shot
to show how I love you
believe it or not
Right now while the sun shines
on the crest of the hill
with a breeze in the pines
and a gray whippoorwill
making music together
in a land time forgot
let me show how I love you
believe it or not
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