Culloden Muir Testo

Testo Culloden Muir

(Boltendahl/Lulis/Göttlich/Arnold)I walk alone through burning townsMy sword is in my handBut the battle has been lostAnd there is nothing to defendAt Culloden in 1746!Scotlands fate was sealed!We wrote a bloody historyWounds that never healedChorus:Fight for death or glory!Fight at Culloden Muir!Die in pain and anger!Die at Culloden Muir!I still see Gillis MacBeanStanding wounded from the fightBack to the wall he fouhgtAnd thirteen Redcoats diedBut the Clans were beaten and destroyedTheir wives are raped in shamePrince Bonnie's on the flight againThe rising was invaneChorusWe were a people free and braveHeroes stood tallBut history is mercilessNow we are doomed to fall...The battle of Culloden!The end of Scotland!ChorusChorus:Fight for death or glory!Fight at Culloden Muir!Die, die, die, die, die, die, die!Die at Culloden Muir!

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