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Testo Hold On

My mental stability reaches its bitter end
As I step to the edge
Of a shadow of a doubt
With my conscience beating
Like the pulse of a drum
that hammers on and on
As I reach the break of day
As the sun beats down
On the halfway house
Has my conscience beating
The sound in my ear
The will to persevere
As I reach the break of day

When you've lost all hope
And excuses
And the cheapskates and the losers
Nothing's left to cling on to
You gotta hold on...
Hold on to yourself

A cry of hope, a plea for peace
And my conscience beating
It's not what I want
For it's all that I need
To reach the break of day
So I run to the edge
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
With my conscience bleeding
Here lies the truth
The lost treasures of my youth
As i hold to the break of day

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