Warning Testo

Testo Warning

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Traduzione di Warning
This is a public service announcement
This is only a test
Emergency, evacuation, protest
May impair your ability
To operate machinery
Can't quite tell
Just what it means to me
Keep out of reach of children
Don't you talk to strangers
Get your philosophy from a bumper sticker

Warning, live without warning

Without, alright

Better homes and safety-sealed communities
Did you remember to pay the utility?
Caution: police line
You better not cross
Is the cop or am I
The one that's really dangerous?
Sanitation, expiration date
Pushing everything
Or shut up and be a victim of authority

(Verse 2) (First 2 lines through megaphone)

This is a public service announcement
This is only a test

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