Cobblestones Testo

Testo Cobblestones

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
So I missed the last train to that old sleepy town
Where I had spent nine months just kicking around
This just leads me to believe I'll never make it back there
And these tricks that I'm playing on myself in my head
Should be ignored, though I play along instead
This just leads me to wonder if anyone can take me seriously

But sometimes the rearview mirror reflects a better picture

I couldn't go back there, it was an escape from what I didn't have
And now that I'm stuck here, I doubt I'll ever go back
I would suck the rivers dry
Just to taste the freedom of that place

So I missed the last bus back to my old hometown
Where we spent all those late nights just driving around
The city was ours, we painted every last sunset
Now our old friends are waiting for us to come back
But we're buried in Boston, we've left them alone
And I'm sorry for leaving, I thought I could paint this town red

I came here to find a purpose, but lately I just feel worthless
No place that I've found could hold a candle to NB
I wish I was downtown, cobblestones under my feet

I wish I was back there to see every face that gave me what I have
I'm tearing at my hair in fear of never coming back
On the overpass one night, Route 18 alight, cars speeding under our feet
We drank to the moonlight, I had never felt so free
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