Colder Weather Testo

Testo Colder Weather

I'm constantly settling on stepping stones, never moving on,
where I end up's usually where I say I belong
It's completely sickening to sing a song with only half a heart,
and I've half a mind to tear this song apart

But this colder weather gets my blood flowing faster
And if older's better than I'll get better after

With consequence sinking in, it's sad to say I never make it far,
fate kicks your ass and leaves you behind the bar
And common sense never wins, a single stroke of genius is just luck,
it's so hard to think when your thinking's run amok

No, it's far more easy to just sit back and let the wind have you
And on the breeze you'll see that trust in chance is really just a half-truth

And all good things in all good time, if I could only put my finger on it
It's hard to sing what's on my mind and then convince myself to act upon it
If fate is what can truly bind our sorry souls to destiny then
With fate and choice both combined there should be so much more I'm seeing

In confidence everything is easier, but where's my courage now?
I'd move along if someone would help me out
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