Of The Nile Testo

Testo Of The Nile

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Apophis the destroyer
the ancient spirit god
of evil and destruction
here to devour
the sun boat of Ra
ensure the world will be
consumed by darkness
bring forth your demons now
to plague mankind
allow the wicked and
the wretched to control
now impel the flood of Nile
bestow eternal night
a vile cloak enshrouds your being
your lurid grin of jagged fangs
drip with blood of the meek
an ungodly abomination
your noxious venom
plagues this earth
brought forth from your clench of disposal
calamitous whirlwinds of sand
asphyxiate the most powerful lungs
now in command the plunder of abydos
ensues to retrieve all past pharaohs might
slithering on
in the tenth region of the night
with Egypt overcome
the throne has been relinquished
your hypnotic gaze entrances all
the cursed sun shall never rise again
the underworld now prowls the earth
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