A Cup Of Coffee On Heroin Testo

Testo A Cup Of Coffee On Heroin

So your body will be all cut up
Your poisoned flesh burned by the sun
Your ashes will float in the air
And then hit by tears that fall
Theyll sink into the terrain
And hit the city pipes and drains
Theyll mix in with the water supply
that lovers will sip with Candles by thier sides
And now, every home in this small town
They feel the way i felt now
Oh Wow, After all the mess made now
they feel the way i feel now
Theyll wonder about the bitterness on thier tongues
And have one last night of tastelss fun
Until the molicules reach thier brains
And all of thier thoughts become deranged
Theyll sit level in chairs
And Rip the hearts out of thier chests
Theyll feed eachother juicy red bites
And its all because of your viciouse spite
How i feel now, Its over now
How i feel now, its over now
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