I've Seen Funnier Hunting Accidents Testo

Testo I've Seen Funnier Hunting Accidents

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Tired drives, Late nights
To Depths Of Hopelessness
Streetlights are dimmed
Like the excitement in your lips as they met mine
And I should never see you again, never again, never again
And all the hurt in my voice
Will shatter all the glass in this city
And all the pieces will point at you
Theyll pin your body to the ground
So everyone can walk all over you
And the final piece will be a stake in your heart
Id never joke like this
And all you had to do
Was open your eyes
You would have seen me dying
Dying inside, but now im dead
And nothings left
Except the wreckage caused
By your useless self
So put your knees on this grave
Water the grass with your tears
My life has been ruined
By these sinful years
You should have been aborted
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