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Amici 2015, anticipazioni puntata 25 aprile: ecco chi è stato eliminato
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Can't be what you want me to be Can't do all the things that you see I wanna tell you what's on my mind You push me right to the edge One foot and I will fall of again Just listen I am not your kind You're pushing me way too hard You're trying to play my cards I wanna do for myself I am not happy this way I don't think I am gonna stay I don't need no one else All I'm asking is for you to stay off my back I know you're trying to help but you're not I can do it, it's a fact I can do it alone You have my life set out for me My depressions my reality I'm sick and tired of you're shit You've caused me to hit a wall I am done for, I am gonna fall I can't take any more of this

Scarica la suoneria di Alone!
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