Get A Grip Testo

Testo Get A Grip

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You're always too concerned with things that I say You say just pinch me I might wake up I'll be ok I understand you're reassuring me I hope to god there is no chance in hell you'll ever see Too far away to be close at all Too stupid to make a false call You know you're going to crash and burn You better tell me now cause you're never going to learn Listen to the words that you hear Stop watching what they do You'll can't understand what's in front of you You sit alone in the empty bleachers staring into space Inside your head, a solitary tear is running down you're face You'd think you were better off dead Stop making up lies For all who divide You know that we were never innocent Get a grip on yourself, it's for the better

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