My Angel Testo

Testo My Angel

She looks like an angel to me. Because I would do almost anything to make her happy. Some times I think about the times when I was wrong, I love her, that's why I wrote this song. You know my mother always talks way to long. If she ever knew, how she makes me feel. She doesn't how she could steal my heart. And I hope that one day, she'll look over at me and see that she looks like an angel to me. I look into her eyes. And I hope that she will say. I don't ever want to lose you. Please stay with because you are all I need. Cause' she looks like an angel to me. I give her everything I got. We had those bad nights when we fought. All night she said to me, All I want is for you to be safe, be safe and we won't fight. So I kissed her and held her all night. You are the one I need. You have made me see. You are the one I need, because you look like an angel to me

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