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You know today. It's hard to make it. Nobody knows this like me, like me I care. Why can't they have the want that I have? Some day I hope they'll see, they'll see that it's fair. If one day we get the chance. We'll get stage and the OK. We'll prove to them, we've got what it takes, we'll prove to them without no mistakes. Maybe they'll like us, maybe they won't but do you think I care. I don't. Somebody out there has got to see. What this music means to me. They gave us the deal, without no appeal. They wanted pictures all over the place. Shown us here, beginning to feel, that they want to buy it. What a disgrace. Then the next band comes into play, now we out just like the ones before us. We'll keep on going, it's what we do best. We'll keep playin with no regret. God damn, were proud. The crowds still around. Only jumping and cheering for us. We'll prove them wrong, by carrying on, and we'll keep on doing it till the end. We don't have to prove anything, we only play what we want. We never answer to nobody, cause only have what we got

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