Welcome Home Mr. Blues Testo

Testo Welcome Home Mr. Blues

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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There is someone at the door guess I'd better go see Who'd be comin' round at this hour callin' on me Why of course I might have known should have been expecting you Come on in and sit right down now why hello Mr Blues I'll have to say you didn't waste a minute getting here to me I guess you knew that I was lonely and I needed company I've got to tell how much I love her and how bad I've been abused And you're the only one who listen so come in Mr Blues For a while that she was with me I guess she'd found another friend And when she left I knew that you will soon be coming back again I planned nothing for this evening come on in take off your shoes We're gonna have ourselves a party welcome home Mr Blues

  • Guarda il video di "Welcome Home Mr. Blues"
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