Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time Testo

Testo Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time

All that I am; all those dreams that I have now,
They swallow me and I can't see just what I'm turning out to be.
All that I know is I'm so far from home:
These amplifiers resonate a local sound that's gone astray.

Where will this take me?
All the faces that I see and all the dreams they told me never to believe.
What will this do to me?
Break me down and throw me out:
Fuck all the fears and fuck every single doubt.

Just let these chords take me away into a place I'd rather be.
This is where we want to go: we want it more, we want it more
because I'm so ready to begin; those brutal hearts, I know we'll win!
This is where we want to go: we want it more, we want it more!

With all my bridges burned, I'll never take a fucking look back.
It'll never work for me as long as art is still elite.
When this is over, no one else to help me sing along:
I'll keep singing my dead songs through every right and every wrong
and though I'm still young, I'll keep screaming with fear and passion.
I'll sing this by myself; I don't need anybody else!

They say to choose a path: left or right, and these rights or wrongs.
Fuck them! Let's keep singing our favorite songs.
Keep screaming into the night:
My lungs will burst when these words meet sunlight
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