Hey Darlin Darlin Testo

Testo Hey Darlin Darlin

Hey Darlin' Darlin' Hey darlin' darlin' gonna say it true No one understands me like you do I got the story when I was a child I took me over and turned me wild Only to make it true But when I'm alone all alone No one home, the TV and the phone Still say 'it will rain today" O.K. Hey darlin', darlin' help me understand What went wrong with the peaceful plan Was it bold? I ain't wishing for what used to be I only hope that you and me can keep hold, unsold When you go t no history, you're free You sing and you believe so strong You hold out fast and long, so long Now the latest is the greatest is their plan But they didn't make us and they can't break us Darlin', darlin' I don't think they can Darlin', darlin' I don't think they can Hey darlin', darlin' how's it gonna be? I love to hear what you sing to me

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