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Testo Private Audition

I got an appointment to keep, for seven nights I couldn't sleep I'm in a state of disbelief It's my big chance on magic street I followed this fashion doll down the famous hall "Ginger won't be long at all" She said "Take a number You'll be called." I said "I'm gonna show him what I can do now its just between us two." In the grand tradition...Private audition (Wish I knew then what I know now) I don;t know what I did wrong, I thought I really laid it on When he called out for some more, I gave him my standard encore I gave him the Swanee River, and the good ship Rockin' Rye The Stars and Stripes Forever, and good ol' Pal O' Mine But that ain't what he was on about He was casting for his couch (ahem) He said, "Come on baby, show me what you can do, Now it's just between us two. In the great tradition...Private audition

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