Blow & Booze Testo

Testo Blow & Booze

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
My mind is racin' and I'm on fire
gettin' high's my only desire
don't worry 'cuz nothin's wrong
gotta be e 'cuz my cock is gone
my jaw's not amused but I don't care
my body against me that's just not fair
total carnage in my brain
one more hit I'd go insane
doin' blow like never before
uppers and downers are my daily whores
it ain't weed I'm doin' coke
just keep tryin' not to choke

nothing compares to this stuff
prepare yourself it's gettin' rough
snort some lines so what's the matter
on stilts I walk it couldn't be better
k, h, speed and ghb
thrillin' me like double ds
don't blame me if you're too weak
now lookin' foward to some weed

blow and booze my best friends
blow and booze it all makes sense
blow and booze which I choose
blow and booze and you can't lose
blow and booze I feel fine
blow and booze now it's time
it's time
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