We're Gonna Make It To The End Testo

Testo We're Gonna Make It To The End

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
The sun goes down
the city lights without a sound
it’s time to move and i’m coming for you

you gave me your heart
said i made you feel like a woman
then i tore it apart
but i’ll never be that man i used to be

when you lay your arms around me baby
and all is said and done
i’ll be there

we’re gonna make it to the end
we’re gonna find our again
we’ve gotta be strong in what we believe in

we’re gonna make it to the top
and we’ll never gonna stop
we’re gonna make it to the end
(make it day by day)

the tougher it gets the stronger we’ll be
if the sun ever sets and we’re wrong
we can say we came and we played by the game
and live to fight another day
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