Girl Testo

Testo Girl

I see you walking past my home
I see you talking on your phone
I always see you walking all alone
And I don't know why cause you're fit

I got these pictures in my head
About the two of us laid on a bed
Somewhere in Greece and you're so wet
Fuck it, now I said it

Must be the way you wear your jeans
What are they? bootcut or long and lean
Whatever they are they look fucking mean
They look mean as fuck

Oh girl
I think you need to come around to my yard for some tea
Now I got herbal, camomile and I got coffee
And if you burn, I got some weed
It's Northern super mix so you just gotta be really easy on it

Anyway, girl
You look like you could have some fun
And even better you look like I could be the one
And I think you need to join me in my dream in the sun
You know what I mean?
Cause it's fucking beautiful

Come on girl
I may not be a superstar
I may have one to many scars
But I tell you now that I'm the boss
I'm the boss believe me
Oh girl
I'm begging oh girl
I got to have you my girl
Oh you're the one my girl

Oh girl
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