Colapso Nervioso Testo

Testo Colapso Nervioso

Your family´s rich and you feelin´ poor
Conscious like a nerve long gone sore
In a world of margueritas and computer games
Guess it´s enough to put you in shame
Doin´ very bad feelin´ really ill
Blowin´ doctors for sleepin´ pills
So you wanna die don´t care who lives
Scratchin´ your crotch wondering what gives

Damn feels dirt cheap
How do you stand to be yourself
Right see right through you creep
Gonna push you off the shelf

Trade a sixpack for a switchblade - slit your wrist
Shakin´ with the fever of the screamin´ bloody twist
Scared to see - cut it out
We´ll all do better once you´re dead and gone

Yeah so you took a stand
But you don´t know what about
Stop now or carry on
Cut it off or cut it out
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