So Here's My Renaissance Testo

Testo So Here's My Renaissance

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
So here's my renaissance.
Here's to new beginning.
I'm starting over on a clean slate.
I've had my moments when I wish that I could just sit back
And stop this charade forever.
I've been told so many times that I can't do anything right,
And I'm a worthless fucking kid.
So here I am, I'm standing on the edge of town.
Crossroads consume my thought.
Do I go back to where I came from? Back to all I know?
Or do I press onward towards newer, bigger, better things?

The fact that things may never change is a scary fucking thought.
Yeah, and I swear that this is not the last that you'll hear from me.
Take these words to heart,
Cause they're the last you'll me sing.
I'm finished. I'm done. I'm never coming back