Word Of Honor Testo

Testo Word Of Honor

Why can't you see that I don't mean what I say,
And I say what I don't mean?
When will you know this is real,
And I only thing the best of you?

One thing you should know about me is that
Sometimes I don't think before I speak.
I've said the wrong thing many times to different people.
You should know that I don't always mean what I say.
This has gotten me into trouble in the past.
I wish that I could take all those words back.
You have no idea what this is doing to me.
Many sleepless nights are the effect.

So listen closely and you will hear
This song is more than words.
Open your ears, open your eyes.
There's room for change.
I will write until this ink runs out,
Hopefully you'll know
Listen to me, why can't you see?
It's already getting better.

I've learned to appreciate all the small things in my life.
They've done nothing but make me better.
I've come to realize that this life isn't perfect.
This is as close as it gets.

I won't quit.

I want your forgiveness for my mistakes in the past.
My word of honor is all I have to give to you.
I'm aware that my second changes are starting to add up.
These words coming from my mouth are long overdue.

This means so much to me
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